CelluLyser Lysis and cDNA Synthesis Kit


Vendor: TATAA Biocenter AB

CelluLyser Lysis and cDNA Synthesis Kit

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Rapid and sensitive lysis and reverse transcription of small cell samples in a single tube

The optimized CelluLyser™ buffer and powerful reverse transcription reagents maximize the yield of cDNA, making CelluLyser™ ideal for studies of small samples intended for real-time PCR. With the possibility to generate cDNA directly from cell lysate without isolating RNA, considerable amount of time is saved compared to standard RNA purification. 


The CelluLyser™ Lysis and cDNA Synthesis kit enables you to analyze small samples from 10 000 cells down to a single cell with minimal losses and hands-on time. The CelluLyser™ kit can be used with collected cells (FACS sorted, patch clamp collected cells etc.), as well as cultured cells (both adherent and in solution), and has successfully been tested on a number of different mammalian cell lines. 

To avoid losses of material the entire procedure can be performed in a single tube without any sample transfer. Also, 100% of the total RNA content may be used from lysis to cDNA synthesis. The CelluLyser™ procedure is rapid and straightforward. Cells are lysed in only 10 minutes in the optimized CelluLyser™ buffer, and thereafter sensitive cDNA synthesis is performed directly on the cell lysate. 


The reagents provided are sufficient either for 250 lysis reactions and 100 cDNA synthesis reactions of 1 - 2 000 cells, or for 100 lysis reactions and 40 cDNA synthesis reactions of 2 000 - 10 000 cells. 

  • CelluLyser™ buffer: 1.25 ml (1X) 
  • cDNA synthesis reagents (Roche Transcriptor First Strand cDNA Synthesis kit): 
  • Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase 50 µl (20 U/µl) 
  • Transcriptor RT Reaction Buffer 1 ml (5x) 
  • Protector RNase Inhibitor 100 µl (40 U/µl) 
  • Deoxynucleotide Mix 200 µl (10 mM each) 
  • Anchored-oligo(dT) Primer 200 µl (50 µM) 
  • Random Hexamer Primer 200 µl (600 µM) 
  • Water, PCR-grade 2x1ml