TATAA GrandScript cDNA Supermix


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TATAA GrandScript cDNA Supermix

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The TATAA GrandScript cDNA SuperMix is a sensitive and easy to use 1-tube solution for cDNA synthesis.

The Supermix provides all the necessary components for cDNA synthesis except RNA template. The optimized mix of random and oligo(dT) primers and engineered MMLV reverese transcriptase provides a robust, consistent and unbiased first strand synthesis over a broad range of RNA template concentrations. The resulting cDNA product is directly compatible with real-time PCR methods. Features Easy-to-use, one-tube format High sensitivity and broad dynamic range Unbiased cDNA synthesis - complete 5’ to 3’ RNA sequence representation Ideal for high-throughput applications


5X reaction buffer containing optimized concentrations of MgCl2, dNTPs, recombinant RNase inhibitor protein, GrandScript reverse transcriptase, random primers, oligo(dT) primer and stabilizers