DriverMap™ Human Predesigned Expression Profiling Panels

Vendor: Cellecta

DriverMap™ Human Predesigned  Expression Profiling Panels

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Quantitate and analyze expression levels of focused sets of key genes simply and easily

  • Expertly curated key genes associated with specific human diseases or cell phenotypes.
  • Ultra-sensitive quantitation of genes most likely to be involved in cellular processes and disease progression.
  • Targeted gene sets increase next-generation sequencing (NGS) read numbers for gene targets which improves profiling statistics, specificity, and sensitivity.

Five DriverMap™ Panels Target Biologically Relevant Gene Sets

The Predesigned Panel kits contain experimentally validated primers to specifically amplify selected sets of expertly curated genes whose expression provides insight on cancer and inflammatory disorders, cell signaling, cell lineages, processes of differentiation, and immune activation. Also included are all indexes required to prepare Illumina sequence-ready libraries, and Deconvolution software for easy analysis.

DriverMap Technology

The DriverMap Targeted Profiling Panels utilize the same single-tube, multiplex assay approach as the DriverMap Genome-Wide assay, which provides robust, quantitative, and reproducible measurements of each expressed protein-coding gene over as much as 5-orders of magnitude. The DriverMap approach overcomes the low sensitivity and specificity challenges of current RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) technologies. It greatly simplifies the protocols for data generation and analysis.

Benefits of all Cellecta DriverMap Assays

  • Functionally validated PCR primer sets selected for the highest sensitivity
  • Rapid generation of transcript expression data from 100 or more samples in a single day
  • Streamlined single-tube RT-PCR / NGS protocol yields robust results starting from 10 pg – 50 ng of total RNA.
  • Direct use of total RNA isolated from whole blood without PBMC isolation, globin/rRNA depletion, or mRNA enrichment required.
  • Human-specific transcript profiling for patient-derived xenograft (PDX), xenograft mouse, and other human-animal hybrid models.
  • DriverMap Deconvolution Software that provides you with gene-specific expression data in an Excel spreadsheet format directly from the Illumina NGS Fastq raw data.