cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes (50)


Vendor: Norgen Biotek

cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes (50)

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For Whole Blood Sample Collection and Preservation of Cell-Free Circulating DNA
Fixative-free preservative, no cross-linking of DNA
Preserve cf-DNA/ct-DNA for 30 days at ambient temperature and for up to 8 days at 37°C
Preserve cf-RNA for 30 days at ambient temperature
Preserve Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) for 14 days at ambient temperature
No plasma volume loss after shipping/transportation
Prevent hemolysis allowing better separation of plasma
Prevent apoptosis of blood cells and fragmentation of genomic DNA
Produce high quality/quantity of plasma cf-DNA/ct-DNA/cf-RNA
Vacuumed to draw 8.4 mL of blood in 10 mL tubes

cf-DNA Preservative Tubes

Norgen's cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes are closed, evacuated plastic tubes for the collection and the preservation of cf-DNA, circulating tumor DNA, cf-RNA and circulating tumor cells in human whole blood samples during storage and shipping. Using these tubes in combination with Norgen's Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Kits or Norgen's Plasma/Serum RNA Purification Kits enables the purification and concentration of an inhibitor-free cf-DNA/ct-DNA/cf-RNA in a very small elution volume. Plasma recovered from Norgen's cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes is also compatible with any other cf-DNA and/or cf-RNA purification method. The purified cf-DNA, ct-DNA and cf-RNA are compatible with any downstream application assays, including PCR, qPCR, rt-qPCR, methylation-sensitive PCR, Southern Blot analysis, gene expression analysis, microarrays and NGS.

This product is for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Norgen's cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes abridge the collection/processing of whole blood for the subsequent purification of cf-DNA and/or cf-RNA. The cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes preserve and inhibit the programmed cell-death (apoptosis) of the blood, hence preventing the release of intracellular DNA/RNA into plasma. Whole blood samples can be shipped and stored at room temperature for the subsequent processing of plasma. The cf/ct DNA and cf-RNA levels are stable for up to 30 days at room temperature. The cf-DNA is also stable for up to 8 days at 37°C. When blood collected on Norgen's cf-DNA/cf-RNA tubes is processed for plasma recovery no buffy coat will be generated and the Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) will be located at the bottom of the tube with the blood sediment. CTCs are stable for 14 days at room temperature where it can be extracted from the blood sediment or from whole preserved blood for cell sorting or for cf/DNA or cf-RNA purification.

Plasma samples produced from the whole blood sample collected into Norgen’s cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tubes and purified using Norgen's Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Kits or Norgen's Plasma/Serum RNA Purification Kits yield concentrated, high-quality and inhibitor-free cf-DNA/ct-DNA or cf-RNA for any downstream application.