Colli-Pee - urine collection device


Vendor: Novosanis

Colli-Pee - urine collection device

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Colli-Pee® is a patented award-winning urine collection device. Colli-Pee® allows for volumetric and standardized first-void urine collection and stabilization. Urine collected with a Colli-Pee® offers improved diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort compared to a regular urine cup. The platform consists of variants collecting different volumes (4 mL to 40 mL*) for various application purposes.

Urine sampling offers several benefits, however, not all urine fractions  are the same. First-void urine is generally considered the first 20mL to 30mL of urine flow. This fraction contains higher concentrations of analytes associated with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) DNA than subsequent fractions. Additionally, first-void urine sampling is important to identify cancer biomarkers, such as prostate cancer.

Collecting a first-void urine sample with a standard urine cup can be awkward, messy and inconvenient for the user. For this reason, Novosanis developed Colli-Pee®.

Colli-Pee® can be prefilled with Novosanis’ UCM, to allow preservation of DNA in urine. Colli-Pee containing urine concervation medium (UCM) has been CE-IVD marked, and has been registered in several countries outside of Europe.

Storage & transport conditions

Tubes with UCM before urine collection:

  • ®Colli-Pee with 20 mL tubes: 24 months
  • ® Colli-Pee with 10 mL tubes: 24 months

Tubes with UCM after FVU collection

  • Short-term storage at room temperature: 7 days Mid-term storage at -20°C: 7 to 90 days
  • Long-term storage at -80°C: Aliquoted into cryovials for up to 12 months