CloneTracker™ Lentiviral Barcode Libraries


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CloneTracker™ Lentiviral Barcode Libraries

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Label Millions of Cells with Unique Barcodes for Clonal and Sub-Population Analysis

  • Identify cell sub-populations with advantageous phenotypes for growth or survival
  • Assess changes in cell culture heterogeneity over time or changing culture conditions
  • Track clonal expansion in tumors or during differentiation or metastasis
  • Link CRISPR-induced genetic knockouts with changes in expression profiles.

The ability to label and trace the fate of individual cells is a critical need in many research areas including cell development, tumor evolution, stem cell differentiation, or carcinogenesis. Cellecta’s CloneTracker Barcode Libraries, together with next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, enable tracking of large numbers of clonal populations derived from individual founder cells.


The CloneTracker is available in many different variants - contact us for more details.