TATAA Human Y-Chromosome Specific Assay


Vendor: TATAA Biocenter AB

TATAA Human Y-Chromosome Specific Assay

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Detect and quantify the amount of human Y-chromosome
The human Y-chromosome is specific for males and there are several situations when it is desired to detect it and optionally quantify its abundance.

Probe based GrandPerformance assays for the Y-chromosome:
TATAA GrandPerformance TSPY1 assay targets the TSPY1 gene, which is present in approximately 35 copies giving very high sensitivity detecting human male DNA. Using TATAA Probe Grandmaster® Mix as little as 10 pg of male DNA can be quantified against a background of 200 ng female DNA.

For absolute quantification of the amount of Y-chromosome the Calibrated Human Genomic DNA (Secondary Standard) can be used as reference.

For determination of Y-chromosome copy number the TATAA GrandPerformance ValidPrime Human assay can be used