SLAMseq Explorer Kit


Vendor: Lexogen

SLAMseq Explorer Kit

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SLAMseq is a high-sensitivity method for time-resolved measurement of newly synthesized and existing RNA in cultured cells. SLAMseq enables resolution of RNA synthesis and degradation kinetics.
Lexogen offers a family of kits based on the new SLAMseq method: Thiol (SH)-Linked Alkylation for the Metabolic sequencing of RNA. SLAMseq enables the identification and quantification of newly synthesized (nascent) and existing RNA from the same sample in parallel, without the need for biochemical isolation. SLAMseq can be readily applied to living cell experiments. Combined with QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq library preparation, SLAMseq provides a complete user friendly and high-throughput solution for analyzing transcriptome-wide RNA synthesis and turnover kinetics.

The SLAMseq kits portfolio includes Explorer and Kinetics Modules, which cover the entire metabolic RNA labeling experiment, from optimizing labeling conditions, to labeling of nascent or existing RNA and alkylation for downstream NGS library preparation.