SIRV-Set 4 (Iso Mix E0 / ERCC / long SIRVs)


Vendor: Lexogen

SIRV-Set 4 (Iso Mix E0 / ERCC / long SIRVs)

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The Spike-In RNA Variants (SIRVs) are sets of transcript designed to validate and control the performance of RNA sequencing workflows, especially how bioinformatics algorithms correct biases introduced by library preparation and sequencing. This SIRV-Set 4 combines the equimolar SIRV isoform mix E0, the ERCC mix, and the long SIRVs. The E0 mix provides controls for resolving isoform complexity by containing 69 SIRV isoforms at the same molarity. This is complemented by 92 non-isoform ERCC transcripts of unique sequence identity at a concentration range of 6 orders of magnitude. The long SIRV module adds the length aspect to this control mix, covering sizes of 4 kb to 12 kb. The spike-ins can be used with different RNA inputs (total RNA, poly(A) selected RNA, or rRNA-depleted RNA), library preparation methods and sequencing platforms.