myTXTL Linear DNA Expression Kit


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myTXTL Linear DNA Expression Kit

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myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit is optimized for cell-free protein synthesis from linear DNA templates.
The myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit is based on Arbor Biosciences’ popular myTXTL® Sigma 70 Master Mix Kit, which has been further engineered to efficiently produce soluble and membrane proteins using linear DNA templates without the need for additional stabilizers. Simply add linear DNA template to the optimized master mix to begin protein synthesis.

The myTXTL® Linear DNA Kit is particularly useful for the screening of DNA libraries that were generated by PCR amplification. In combination with the ability to utilize an automated liquid handling system for Master Mix dispensing, myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit is ideal for high-throughput applications. The myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit is also recommended to produce live bacteriophages starting from their whole RNA or DNA genome. This can be employed to study phage therapy, a promising approach to treatpathogenic bacterial infections.

The myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit contains an engineered E. coli cell extract, energy buffer and amino acids mix ready-to-use for in vitro protein production in a single tube. In vitro protein synthesis is initialized by adding a linear DNA fragment. A linear fragment of P70a-deGFP plasmid is included in the kit as the positive control.

As in vitro protein synthesis in the myTXTL® system relies on the endogenous core RNA polymerase and primary sigma factor 70 (?70) of E. coli, a ?70-specific promoter is mandatory to express the gene of interest. For example, the lambda phage promoter encoded on our P70a vectors provides excellent protein yield for many proteins comparable to the T7 expression system. Gene expression with a T7 promoter requires the presence of T7 RNA polymerase, which can be co-expressed from P70a-T7rnap plasmid. These plasmids, as well as variety of others for building gene circuits, can be purchased from our myTXTL® Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection.

Additionally, Arbor Biosciences can provide any customized nucleotide template () tailored to your needs at high quality and competitive pricing through our in-house myDNA® synthesis pipeline.