myTags Immortal Probe Set


Vendor: Arbor Biosciences

myTags Immortal Probe Set

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Easily generate higher yields of labeled probes compared to other labeling methods while gaining the flexibility to select fluorophores or haptens of choice. The myTags labeling method and technical support provided by Arbor Biosciences delivers the confidence required to label your probes in-house. The immortal libraries are amplifiable, meaning there is an endless supply of probe library which can produce labeled probes from amplified pools of the original stock library. The labeling process involves two simple transcription processes to transcribe large amounts of single-stranded DNA probes from small amounts of input DNA. Immortal probe libraries are a great solution to minimizing long-term costs associated with large-scale projects. Additionally, we can provide oligo libraries with unique primer sets for labeling Oligopaints probes.