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myBaits Onconome

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These genes were described in two major studies: Kandoth et al 2013 “Mutational landscape and significance across 12 major cancer types” (Nature 502:333-339, doi:10.1038/nature12634) and Lawrence et al 2014 “Discovery and saturation analysis of cancer genes across 21 tumour types” (Nature 505:495-501, doi: 10.1038/nature12912). The panel targets ~1.5Mb of total sequence from 290 genes indentified between the two studies for their roles in cancer.

The Onconome v2 panel was optimized through multiple design iterations in order to improve coverage uniformity and filter out repetitive genomic loci. Many of the selected loci are implicated in a variety of human phenotypes beyond just cancer. The panel is an excellent, cost-effective choice for exploratory targeted exome sequencing in a variety of research contexts. myBaits kits are provided as a complete solution for targeted sequencing including buffers, bait sets and blockers specific to the NGS library prep of choice. All myBaits kits are for research-use only, and are not authorized or validated for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

The Onconome v2 panel can be customized by adding or removing specific loci from the bait set through the myBaits Custom panel service. Additionally, our team of scientific experts can help design a custom kit for targeting non-cancer related genes, and other human genomic DNA targets to meet a specific research need. Contact us to learn more about maximizing the efficiency of any NGS study by targeting only specific markers or genes of interest.