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myBaits Mito

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Due to high endogenous copy numbers of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in each cell, it provides a favorable recovery from a variety of sample sources, even degraded or environmental DNA. Given the abundance of sample DNA and reduced genome size of mitochondria, this technique delivers a cost-effective solution for efficient mtDNA enrichment and NGS analysis for a range of human and other animal species. The haploid, maternally-inherited mitogenome has been a popular target for a variety of genetics research applications.

myBaits Mito panels from Arbor Biosciences are pre-designed with bait length, tiling density, and bait concentration appropriate for enriching mtDNA from any type of specimen, whether fresh, agricultural, environmental, forensic, ancient, or archival material. myBaits Mito panels are offered from a wide variety of organisms, including those highly relevant for archaeological or forensic research such as human, dog, horse, sheep, and many more. All myBaits kits from Arbor Biosciences include buffers, blockers, and baits for pairing with any NGS library. Review the list of available panels below to select an organism of choice or contact us regarding the availability of a specific species.