myBaits Expert Angiosperms-353


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myBaits Expert Angiosperms-353

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The new Angiosperms-353 panel enriches 100's of single-copy genes orthologous across all angiosperms (flowering plants).

Combining the flexible hybridization power of in-solution target capture with an expertly selected set of orthologous locus sequences, this new probe set has been demonstrated to enrich hundreds of putatively single-copy protein-coding genes across a broad range of angiosperms (flowering plants). Probes were designed from 353 loci, each with 5-15 representative sequences from across all angiosperms which were selected using a novel “k-medoids clustering approach” to maximize taxonomic breadth of the design (Johnson et al 2018, bioRxiv).

– baitset is broadly applicable for phylogenetic research across all flowering plants, and is available from Arbor Biosciences as an in-stock catalog kit available for immediate shipment at a low per-reaction cost. As with all myBaits kits, the Angiosperms353 panel is provided as a complete solution target capture kit, including buffers, blockers, and baits, along with an easy-to-use protocol. Or if you would prefer to outsource the work, our myReads NGS service expert scientists are available to perform library preparation, target capture, and sequencing for your entire project.