Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA & RNA Kit


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Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA & RNA Kit

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Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA/RNA 96 Kit is designed for the sequential isolation of DNA and RNA from the same formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sample. The protocol utilizes non-toxic mineral oil in the place of the hazardous xylene for efficient deparaffinization of the FFPE sample. The specially formulated buffers reverse cross-linking without the need for overnight digestion resulting in high-yielding, high-quality nucleic acids. The isolation protocol allows for the extraction of both DNA and RNA in separate eluates from the same sample for a comprehensive analysis of both the nucleic acids. Purified DNA and RNA are suitable for a variety of downstream applications including SNP analysis, sequencing, and genotyping. The Mag-Bind® system is fully automatable on the Hamilton Microlab® STAR™, Tecan Fluent™, Thermo KingFisher® Flex™, and other open-ended workstations.