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TATAA Probe GenMaster Mix

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The easy-to-use qPCR fastmix for all your gene expression and genotyping experiments


The TATAA Probe GenMaster Mix is designed for your daily qPCR work and suitable for larger studies, with its user-friendly protocol and competitive pricing.

TATAA Probe GenMaster Mix is an efficient, sensitive, specific and robust qPCR mastermix, delivering reliable results without protocol optimization. It is a 2x concentrated ready to use fastmix which provides all the necessary components for qPCR, except primers, probe and template.


  • Cost-efficient genotyping/gene expression analysis
  • Reliable and reproducible results for a wide range of targets
  • 2x concentrated ready to use fastmix
  • Compatible with most qPCR instruments


TATAA Probe GenMaster Mix (2x): 2x reaction buffer containing optimized concentrations of:

  • MgCl2
  • dNTPs
  • Hot-start Taq DNA polymerase
  • Stabilizers


The number of reactions is based on 20μl-qPCR reactions.




Partno: TA08-1875
Partno: TA08-3750
Partno: TA08-5000
Partno: TA08-625


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