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TATAA One-Step Fast GrandMaster® Kit

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Rapid quantification of rare target sequences in dilute samples


TATAA One-Step Fast GrandMaster® Kit is a 4X concentrated fastmix which allows analysis of larger volumes of sample. This results in an ability to quantify rare target sequences in dilute samples.

TATAA One-Step Fast GrandMaster® Kit has been developed for fast and highly sensitive qRT-PCR of a wide range of RNA targets. It is optimized for use with conventional 5’ hydrolysis probes and allows for unbiased amplification of low copy transcripts in the presence of high copy reference genes.


  • TATAA One-Step Reverse Transcriptase (20x)
  • TATAA One-Step Fast GrandMaster® Mix (4x): 4x reaction buffer containing optimised concentrations of MgCl2, dNTPs, Taq DNApolymerase and stabilisers
  • Nuclease-free water


The The TATAA SYBR® GrandMaster® Mix can be ordered without ROX, with low ROX or with ROX, depending on the instrument used for the analysis.

The number of reactions is based on 20μl qPCR-reactions.


Partno: TA04-100
Partno: TA04-100R
Partno: TA04-500
Partno: TA04-500R


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