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TATAA Multiplex GrandMaster Mix

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Go beyond multiplex limitations and achieve unbiased amplification


TATAA Multiplex GrandMaster® Mix is a 2x concentrated ready to use multiplex mix. It provides all the necessary components for multiplex qPCR except template, primers and probes.

Conventional PCR master mixes provides limitations when it comes to multiplexing. With the specialized TATAA Multiplex GrandMaster® Mix you will have the possibility to multiplex up to five targets without the need of limiting or variable primer concentrations, with the same dynamic range and sensitivity as with singleplex assays.


Real-time multiplex detection of up to 5 targets
Linearity over 6 orders of magnitude of input cDNA and 4 orders of magnitude of input genomic DNA
Detect up to 4 targets when one differs in expression up to 106-fold relative to the others


TATAA Multiplex GrandMaster Mix (2x): 2x reaction buffer containing optimized concentrations of:
Taq DNA polymerase

The number of reactions is based on 20μl-qPCR reactions.


Partno: TA03-1875
Partno: TA03-3750
Partno: TA03-5000
Partno: TA03-625


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