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TATAA Interplate Calibrator

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Variation Compensation

The TATAA Interplate Calibrator (IPC) makes it possible for you to compensate for variations between qPCR runs. For practical reasons many qPCR studies involve the use of samples that are processed in more than a single batch or in which the sample set is extended over time. Even over a short time period, variation between qPCR processing runs is observed due to different baseline subtractions and threshold settings.

When to use TATAA Interplate Calibrator

The bias is NOT introduced when using the “all samples” or “all assays” plate layout or when performing ΔΔCq based analysis, but it is the “mixed” layout for which interplate calibration is needed (Figure 1). The TATAA IPC sample material is provided in ready-to-use aliquots and is a very stable template that is amplified with a highly robust assay. The TATAA IPC should be included in all qPCR runs. Any differences in the measured IPC Cq-values among the runs reflect the bias introduced by the instrument and can then compensated for.

TATAA Interplate Calibrator is:

  • provided in aliquots (stored at -20°C) for easy and flexible use and long term stability
  • a robust assay that performs excellent in most mastermixes and over a wide range of annealing temperatures
  • a stable template at optimum concentration that produces Cq ≈ 15 -20 under most conditions


Partno: IPC1000PFAM
Partno: IPC1000PVIC
Partno: IPC1000S
Partno: IPC250PFAM
Partno: IPC250PVIC
Partno: IPC250S


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