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TATAA GrandScript cDNA FreePrime Kit

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Robust and sensitive cDNA synthesis with user-defined RT priming

The TATAA GrandScript cDNA Freeprime Kit provides all the necessary components for cDNA synthesis conveniently separated into different tubes, giving the user freedom to setup the RT priming strategy suitable for your application.

The TATAA GrandScript cDNA Freeprime Kit provides a robust, consistent and unbiased first strand synthesis over a broad range of RNA template concentrations. The cDNA product is directly compatible with quantitative real-time PCR methods.

Random sequence and oligo(dT) primers are provided in separate tubes. User can also choose to use gene specific primers or Two-tailed primers, or a combination of the different priming strategies.

The TATAA GrandScript RT enzyme is a mixture of engineered M-MLV Reverse transcriptase and ribonuclease inhibitor.


  • TATAA GrandScript FreePrime reaction mix (5x concentrated solution of optimised buffer, magnesium, dNTPs and stabilizers)
  • TATAA GrandScript RT enzyme
  • Oligo dT (10x conc. Solution of oligo(dT)20 with enhancer
  • Random primer (10x conc. Solution of random primer with enhancer)
  • GSP Enhancer
  • Nuclease-free water


Partno: AF103a
Partno: AF103b


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