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TATAA GrandPerformance Assays - Cancer Panel

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Highly sensitive and extensively optimized qPCR assays for optimum performance

  • Wet-lab validated probe assays
  • Preamp validated to not introduce bias
  • Probe assays included for free in qPCR profiling service


Being specialized in high performance qPCR, leading the development of single cell expression profiling, TATAA is developing highly specific, highly sensitive and extensively optimized qPCR assays for optimum performance.

The GrandPerformance assays are optimized for single cell sensitivity and the workflow is based on preamplification allowing sensitive and precise measurements of 96 specific expression markers per cell.

The GrandPerformance assays produce negligible primer-dimers and side products under normal conditions and are the perfect tool for high performance expression profiling. Customers can pick and choose compiling their preferred panels for profiling studies and order the assays or send TATAA the samples for profiling.


To order, please download the order form for the GrandPerformance Assays (Product Documents tab associated with this product).

Fill in the form and send to order@tataa.com

List of Assays (Human Single Assay, 100 reactions, Probe FAM):

PAC102 GrandPerformance Cancer Panel PreAmp Primer Mix

qA-01-0199P FOXO
qA-01-0200P AKT2
qA-01-0201P ALDH
qA-01-0202P AURKA
qA-01-0203P CCND1
qA-01-0204P CD24L4
qA-01-0207P CD44_all
qA-01-0208P CDH1_1
qA-01-0209P CTSD
qA-01-0211P EGFR
qA-01-0212P EPCAM
qA-01-0213P ERBB2
qA-01-0214P ESR1
qA-01-0215P VEGFR1
qA-01-0216P FOXO
qA-01-0218P H2AFZ
qA-01-0219P HDAC2

qA-01-0889P HOXB13

qA-01-0220P IBSP_1
qA-01-0221P IGFR
qA-01-0222P KI67
qA-01-0223P KIT_1
qA-01-0224P KRAS
qA-01-0225P KRT19
qA-01-0226P MCM4
qA-01-0227P MET_1
qA-01-0228P MRP2
qA-01-0229P MRP1
qA-01-0230P MRP4
qA-01-0231P MRP5
qA-01-0233P MTOR
qA-01-0234P MUC1
qA-01-0525P Myc
qA-01-0236P PARP
qA-01-0237P PGR
qA-01-0238P PI3KCA
qA-01-0239P PTEN
qA-01-0240P CD45/PTPRC
qA-01-0241P RAD51

qA-01-0890P RAI2
qA-01-0242P SATB1
qA-01-0243P hSCGB2A/hMAM
qA-01-0244P TOP2A
qA-01-0245P TP53
qA-01-0246P Twist1
qA-01-0247P UPA
qA-01-0248P VEGFA
qA-01-0249P VIM
qA-01-0250P WHSC1L1_L1
qA-01-0251P WHSC1S1_S1
qA-01-0252P CCNE2
qA-01-0253P PPIC
qA-01-0254P SLC6A8
qA-01-0255P Hjurp
qA-01-0256P EMP2
qA-01-0257P MAL2
qA-01-0356P KLK3
qA-01-0357P FOLH1
qA-01-0529P PSCA
qA-01-0359P CYP11A1
qA-01-0360P CYP17A1
qA-01-0361P CYP19A1
qA-01-0362P AKR1C3
qA-01-0363P SRD5A1
qA-01-0364P AR
qA-01-0365P ESR2
qA-01-0366P AHR
qA-01-0367P NCOA1
qA-01-0368P ARV7
qA-01-0369P NES
qA-01-0370P POU5F1
qA-01-0371P PROM1
qA-01-0372P TACSTD2
qA-01-0373P CXCR4
qA-01-0374P ANXA2R
qA-01-0375P RUNX2
qA-01-0376P CDH11
qA-01-0377P TNFSF11
qA-01-0378P TUBB3
qA-01-0379P AGR2
qA-01-0380P MDK
qA-01-0381P MCL1
qA-01-0382P XIAP
qA-01-0383P BCL2
qA-01-0384P CDH2
qA-01-0385P SNAI1
qA-01-0386P DDR1
qA-01-0387P SHH
qA-01-0388P PTCH1
qA-01-0389P STAT3

qA-01-0390P SPINK1
qA-01-0530P VEGFR2



qA-01-0101P GAPDH 

qA-01-0102P TUBB
qA-01-0103P PPIA
qA-01-0104P ACTB
qA-01-0105P YWHAZ
qA-01-0107P B2M
qA-01-0108P UBC
qA-01-0109P TBP
qA-01-0110P RPLP
qA-01-0111P GUSB
qA-01-0112P HPRT1
qA-01-0106P RRN18S (not included in GrandPerformance Cancer Panel PreAmp Primer Mix)


Partno: qA-01-01XXP


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