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TATAA Facemask Filters

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TATAA Facemask Filters

Efficient disposable filter to fit perfectly inside TATAA facemasks. Electrostatically charged to capture virus particles with an efficiency of 81%, corresponding to FFP1 protection. The filter provides protection against viruses, bacteria, moisture and fungi.

Made in the Czech Republic and developed by the Technical University of Liberec.

For hygienic and health reasons, they can not be returned

Filter should be replaced after 6-8 hrs use


Meltblown - 100% polypropylene, weight 30 g / m2

Dimensions: Adapted to the size of the filter pocket

For hygienic and health reasons, they can not be returned


Do not use the top brown paper, it only serves to protect the filters.

1 pack contains 10 filters

Size Guide
L Child 9-12 years
XL Junior / Female
XXL Male


Partno: Filter - Large
Partno: Filter - XL
Partno: Filter - XXL


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