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TATAA GrandPerformance Cancer Panel PreAmp Primer Mix

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Preamplification primer mix of GrandPerformance assays

The Preamplification primer mix contains primers for all the GrandPerformance assay targets that will amplify them all in proportion for downstream singleplex qPCR analysis. The same Preamplification primer mix is used for all GrandPerformance assays combinations.


When sample amount is limited in gene expression profiling, or when certain qPCR technologies like the BioMark™ (Fluidigm) is to be used, a preamplification of the samples is advised in order to obtain high enough contentration of each target in a reaction to be able to produce reproducible data. The GrandPerformance Cancer PreAmp Primer Mix is a premixed preamplification solution of primers to be used together with the GrandPerformance Cancer Panel Probe qPCR assays for gene expression analysis. Other products recommended to be used together with the PreAmp Primer mix:

TATAA PreAmp GrandMaster® mix
• TATAA GrandPerformance Cancer Assays
ValidPrime® probe assay
TATAA Probe GrandMaster® mix

Volume: 250 µl
Conc.: 10X


Partno: PAC102


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