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pluriStrainer® Set 3 (Cell Strainer)

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The pluriStrainer® is a sieving device (or cell strainer) for a wide range of laboratory applications where the filtration and the purification of liquids is required. Its unique design features improved ventilation to avoid clogging for a smart sample preparation. pluriStrainer® are stackable to allow direct filtration with different mesh sizes and alsocan be inverted to recover the sieved material. For large sample volumes it can be combined with a funnel. It fits all major brand 50 mL centrifuge (conical) tubes. The combination of the pluriStrainer® and the Connector Ring allow using low pressure which supports the filtration. Furthermore it is possible to block the flow through the sieve and hold back the liquid on top of the mesh. The liquid on top of the mesh can be used for sample preparation and incubation such as tissue dissociation or the treatment of cells with cell lysis reagents (e.g. Buffer RLT, TRIzol®).
This set includes 4 x (70µm, 100µm, 200µm, 300µm, 400µm and 500µm).


Partno: 43-50000-97


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