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  • The Phytostrip, a novel seedling growth device has been developed together with the University of Lancaster for the specific application of plant phenotyping
  • It features an 8 well strip with open bottomed wells and flattened polished sides for easy visualization of the well content
  • The distance between the wells is the same as 96 well PCR plates and the outer dimensions are compatible with the use of SBS footprint microplates and reservoirs for support or incubation
  • Each well can be used for the germination of seeds for small seeded plant species like Arabidopsis thaliana
  • The Phytostrips can be filled with a growth medium that enables chemical treatments to be combined with capturing images of developing roots and shoots
  • Originally developed for use with Arabidopsis thaliana, however, other small seeded plants may also be compatible
  • The uniqueness of the system is that it allows detailed analysis of root architecture in the context of the application of large numbers of chemical treatments


Partno: 4ti-0310


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