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microRNA Purification Kit

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Rapid purification of microRNA without phenol; isolation and extraction of microRNA

  • Extract high quality & purity miRNA in 30 minutes
  • Two column kit- eliminate large RNA on first column and capture microRNA on a second column
  • Elute microRNA in 25 µL ready for miRNA profiling
  • Process a wide range of samples- cell, tissue, bacteria, bodily fluids, etc


microRNA Purification Kit

This kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of small RNA molecules (< 200 nt) from cultured animal cells, small tissue samples, bacterial cells, plants and blood.

Two columns are provided with this kit. The first column captures large RNA, while the small RNA are captured on a second column and are eluted concentrated in 25 µL of nuclease-free water.

The small RNA can be used in various downstream applications relating to miRNA profiling, gene regulation and functional analysis. The eluted RNA is ready for RT-qPCR, microarrays, and NGS applications.


These small RNAs include regulatory RNA molecules such as microRNA (miRNA) and short interfering RNA (siRNA), as well as tRNA and 5S rRNA. Small RNA molecules are often studied due to their ability to regulate gene expression. miRNAs and siRNAs are typically 20-25 nucleotides long, and regulate gene expression by binding to mRNA molecules and affecting their stability or translation.


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