Microplate Lids

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  • These microplate lids are designed to give a quick and easy sealing solution to our range of Vision Plates™ and other microplates
  • A variety of lids are available; to fit 24, 96, or 384 well microplates, and come either sterile or non-sterile
  • The lids designed for 96 well and 24 well plates come with condensation rings aligning with the wells of the microplate
  • The 384 well lids come with two cut corners at A1 and P1; the 96 well lids come with two cut corners at A1 and H1; and the 24 well lids have one cut corner at A1 to align with our microplate range
  • Our range also includes a universal microplate lid, with no cut corners or condensation rings, so can be used with all microplates
  • 4titude lids are manufactured in class 7 ISO certified cleanrooms, and all lids are certified free of DNase, RNase, Human DNA, bacterial and eukaryotic cells, dust and endotoxins/pyrogens


Partno: 4ti-0290


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