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Microcentrifuge Tube With Attached Flat Caps (2.0ml)

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  • These microcentrifuge tubes are molded from virgin polypropylene
  • Their safe-lock mechanism guarantees closed tubes even during boiling or autoclaving
  • The innovative cap design includes an additional clip on the back which locks the hinge in place
  • The frosted writing field on 4titude microcentrifuge tubes is perfectly suited for use with the TubeMarker™, with a much finer and smoother frosting, allowing for great printing results both within and across the window
  • The frosted writing window of original Eppendorf tubes yields unreliable print quality and is almost impossible to print across the window due to a “step” in the frosted window (frosted surface height not flush with clean surface) resulting ribbon tears


Partno: 4ti-0798


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