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MALBAC Single Cell WGA Kit

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  • Quasi-linear amplification with the least amplification bias
  • High sequencing coverage and uniformity
  • Low allele dropout rate
  • Single tube sample preparation in 4 hours
  • Suitable for single-cell CNV/SNV analysis, PGS/PGD, and CTC studies


Based on the patented MALBACTM technology from Harvard University, MALBACTM single cell WGA kit provides rapid, reliable and reproducible whole genome amplification of single cell(s) or picogram to sub-nanogram quantities of gDNA to produce 2-4 micrograms of amplified products in about 4 hours. The kit is able to achieve consistent amplification efficiency in both AT- and GC-rich regions for most cell types, such as blastomere, polar body, sperm and various cell lines. More than 90% of genomic loci can be amplified and analyzed using different platforms, such as real-time PCR and next-generation sequencing.




Partno: YK001A
Partno: YK001B


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