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MagSi-DNA Vegetal

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DNA Extraction from Plant Tissue

Magtivio's MagSi-DNA Vegetal kit allows for extraction of genomic DNA from plant tissue. It has a very flexible setup, as the volume of each of its components can be adjusted to facilitate your specific extraction protocol requirements.

Lysis Buffer VG is designed for extremely good breakdown of the tough components in vegetal materials, allowing optimal release of the DNA to be isolated. The extraction itself is based on the binding of DNA to MagSi-VG I magnetic beads, and works in combination with the proprietary Binding Buffer VG. After a series of washing steps in which the magnetic beads (with DNA) are held by the magnet, the DNA is eventually released in an elution step.

The standard MagSi-DNA Vegetal kit (96 preps) can be used to check the feasibility of our extraction method in your (automated) setup. When testings are convincing, we will advise you how to fine-tune the protocol for each of the kit components in your (automated) environment, and come to the most cost-effective solution.

MagSi-DNA Vegetal sample materials

MagSi-DNA Vegetal helps you extract DNA from seeds but also from leaves of e.g. cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, wheat, flowers, sugar beet, potato, chicory or maize.



  • Cost-effective – Low price per sample
  • Superior lysis – Lysis Buffer VG is specially designed for lysis of vegetal tissues
  • Flexible protocol – Kit components can be individually adjusted in volume
  • Easy to automate – Designed for highthroughput, robotic, liquid handling processes
  • Good yields and recovery – Very well suited for typical downstream applications (PCR, qPCR, NGS, Genotyping)




Partno: MDKT00050096
Partno: MDKT00050960


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