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NutriFitness by LIFE GENOMICS

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Personal dietary advice and lifestyle and physical activity recommendations based on information about your genetics that will help you to a more active and healthy life.


Your personal health icon Nutrifitness is based on the latest scientific nutrigenet discoveries that have been transformed into practical information for daily use. We explore your genetic profile with experts, convey and explain new insights about your body functions and biological processes and provide you with appropriate recommendations for optimal intake of different nutrients. Based on your genetic profile, we provide you with personalized recommendations in the areas of lifestyle, diet and exercise that show the way towards a better and more satisfying life.

Analysis features include:

  • Personal macro and micro nutrient requirements
  • Your response to different types of exercise
  • Your proneness to: weak bones, obesity, high levels of cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Your individual muscle type and activities best suited to them
  • Sensitivity to: alcohol, caffeine, lactose
  • How your genetic makeup can affect your appearance


Your results are presented in a beautifully bound hard-back book (Only available in Swedish).

Pris: 4800 sek excl. VAT



Partno: NutriFIT-LG001


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