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Human Reference Gene Panel - Short Assays

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Find the most stable reference genes with TATAA Biocenter's Reference Gene Panel - Short assay

Use the Reference Gene Panel - Short assay for Human to determine the optimal reference genes for your samples, without spending unnecessary time on primer design. The short assay includes 9 reference genes with shorter amplicons designed to work even on partly degraded material. The panel is avaliable for probe and SYBR® based systems.


For all gene expression studies using qPCR, it is necessary to compensate for differences between samples due to material losses, differences in RT yields and PCR inhibition. Normalization should include a reference gene, but can also be complemented by identical sample-input amounts. The reference gene should have constant expression in all the samples compared. There is no universal control gene, expressed at a constant level under all conditions and in all tissues, hence the choice of reference gene should be validated for each new study.

The best way to choose the proper reference gene(s) is by running a panel of potential genes on a number of representative test samples. The most appropriate gene(s) for normalization are chosen in each case.

When you have selected the appropriate reference gene(s) for your study, you can purchase them individually as single assays here in TATAA's webshop.


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Partno: A104P


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