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Get the most out of your qPCR data with the market leading GenEx software

GenEx, the popular software for the processing and analysis of real-time qPCR data, provides a multitude of functionalities for the qPCR community. Its capabilities ranges from basic data pre-processing and management to advanced cutting-edge data analysis. GenEx provides methods to select and validate reference genes, classify samples, group genes, monitor time dependent processes, and much more.

Basic data editing and management

Possibly the most important part of qPCR experiments is to pre-process the raw data for subsequent statistical analyses. The pre-processing steps need to be performed consistently in correct order and with confidence. GenEx has a streamlined and user-friendly interface that supports pre-processing. Intuitive and powerful presentation tools present professional illustrations of even the most complex experimental designs.

Advanced data analysis

When you need advanced analyses, GenEx Professional is the place to start. Powerful enough to demonstrate feasibility, it often proves sufficient for most users. Current features include parametric and non-parametric statistical tests, clustering methods, principal component analysis, artificial neural networks, and much more. New features are continuously being added to GenEx with close attention to customer needs.


14-days GenEx trial license

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Tutorials & Methods

GenEx tutorial from Quantitative Real-time PCR in Applied Microbiology

More available for download under Product documents.

Presentation of GenEx at GQ2019

GenEx Standard, Professional, Enterprise

See this link for a module by module comparision of the three different variants of GenEx.

GenEx is available in three variants:

  • GenEx Standard provides an extensive set of pre-processing modules together with data visualization and a limited set of analyses.
  • GenEx Professional contains all modules of GenEx Standard plus a larger number statistical analysis modules, suitable for gene expression profiling. GenEx Professional also contains all wizards for direct data import from instruments.
  • GenEx Enterprise contains all modules of GenEx Professional plus the most advanced data analyses including Dynamic PCA, ROC curve, Artificial Neural Network, and Support Vector Machine. GenEx Enterprise also provides modules for data analysis conforming to the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) standard documents.

GenEx Import Wizard

Import wizard is included in all variants of GenEx for smooth batch import and pre-processing of data from all major instruments.

List of supported qPCR instruments by GenEx:

3D-Gene® (TORAY Industries, miRNA Chips)
ABI 7300 (96 wells)
ABI 7500 (96 wells)
ABI 7900 (96 and 384 wells)
ABI RQ Manager for SDS 2.3 or SDS 2.4 (96 and 384 wells)
ABI StepOne
Agilent MX3000/3005
AnalytikJena Export Tool
BioMark (Fluidigm, 96x96 48x48 192x24) HeatMap
BioMark (Fluidigm, 96x96 48x48 192x24) Table
Bio-Rad CFX Manager V2 and V3 (96 and 384 wells)
Douglas Scientific IntelliQube
Illumina ECO
QuantStudio 12K Flex (96 and 384 wells)
QuantStudio OpenArray (ExpressionSuite)
LightCycler® 480 (Roche, 96 and 384 wells)
LightCycler® 96 (Roche)
Rotor-Gene (Qiagen)
Thermo Scientific qPCR PikoReal
ViiA™ 7 (ABI, 96 and 384 wells)

Instruments are continuously added to the list, please contact us if your instrument is missing.

Exiqon Wizard

Exiqon Wizard is used to import and annotate data from the Ready-to-Use LNA™-enhanced microRNA qPCR plates into GenEx.

Roche Wizard

Roche Wizard is used to import data from RealTime ready plates with batch read capacity.

Life Technologies Wizard

LT Wizard is used to import data from Taqman Array plates with batch read capacity.

Olink Wizard

The Olink Wizard is an easy-to-use data import and pre-processing tool for Proceek Multiplex.

GenEx Licensing

Time limited licenses are available for 6, 12 and 24 months. Updates for the license version are for free.

  • Desktop license: License locked to one computer.
  • Network concurrent Licensing: Minimum of 5 licenses setup in a network allowing GenEx to be activated on any computer with access to the network. Only available with perpetual license.


System Requirements

Any modern computer running Microsoft Windows XP or later, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB or more recommended), 80 MB of available hard-disk space, display with resolution 1024 by 768 pixels or higher and scale 96 DPI. Mac users will need "Parallel" or "VM-Ware" virtual environment to run Windows.



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