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GeneFiX™ Saliva DNA Collection Device

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 GeneFiX™ Saliva DNA Collection Device

GeneFiX™ is an easy to use DNA and RNA saliva collection device that stabilizes DNA long term and RNA short term in 2ml and now the latest 1ml saliva sample options. The collector is pre-filled and has a simple screw-on funnel for simple saliva delivery directly into the non-toxic stabilization buffer. The saliva collection tube clearly indicates the volume of saliva required after which the funnel is removed and cap replaced. Various tube options are now available for both manual and HT or Automated Rackable formats. The unique patented*¹ funnel design prevents flow back and can also be used with our assisted option using foam swabs to collect saliva from babies, elderly or any donor unable to use the funnel. The device is fully specified for sample transport and storage.

GeneFiX™ Xtra DNA Collect

The ‘Xtra DNA Collect’ is designed to collect 3ml of Saliva thus improving yields over the standard GeneFix and 1ml and 2 ml collectors. It is packaged in the same tube yet filled with 1ml of a higher concentration buffer to allow for extra dilution of the saliva. It has most of the benefits of our standard collector and will appeal to scientists requiring maximal yields even in cases where patient sampling times may be extended. Currently in house and ongoing studies show full 2 year stabilization but we feel confident this will be extended over time.


  • Economic, easy to use integrated DNA stabilization buffer
  • Unique funnel design prevents spillages or buffer flow back
  • DNA stabilized at room temperature for up to 60 months*
  • RNA (mammalian) stabilised at room temperature for 5 days
  • Total DNA yields exceeding 180 ng/µl**
  • Compatible with most Manual and HT Isolation kits (Requires Proteinase K)
  • 1D and 2D printed codes with auto de-capping capability
  • Fully tested on most downstream processing techniques
  • Suitable for field, home use and clinic-based sampling
  • Collection tube specified to 95kPa for leak proof mailing
  • Assisted version for Infants and Elderly

* In ongoing and continued rigorous testing. ** Quantified by Picogreen


Partno: GFX-01/12
Partno: GFX-01/50


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