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GamS Purified Nuclease Inhibitor Protein

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myTXTL® is a fast and easy-to-use solution for protein expression in vitro.
Cell-free expression platforms allow rapid and inexpensive protein synthesis with the highest versatility and flexibility due to their open-reaction character. This permits increased control over efficient substrate handling, and conveniently promotes precise online reaction monitoring and direct process optimization.

The myTXTL® technology is well-characterized and has been employed for various applications in protein engineering and synthetic biology applications. myTXTL® Sigma 70 Master Mix is the perfect choice for high-yield production of soluble and membrane proteins, rapid prototyping of gene networks using plasmid DNA and RNA, the construction of synthetic minimal cells and to study cellular biology. The possibility of automated miniaturization makes it ideal for screening of libraries and allows fast iteration of design-build-test cycles of genetic parts and gene circuits.


Partno: 501024
Partno: 501096


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