CoolBox XT PCR96 Workstation

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€ 1275.00


Includes CoolBox XT System, automation-compatible CoolRack XT PCR96 to hold one 96-well PCR plate, strip-wells or tubes.
Easily transfer samples from the CoolBox XT cooling workstation to the robotic platform for brief cold processing (approx 20-30 minutes <10℃).

Ideal for preparing your reaction plate for q-PCR, dPCR, or ddPCR - ice-free cooling minimizes risk of nucleases.
Applications include qPCR, dPCR, ddPCR, RNA assays, reverse transcription, nuclease protection, characterization of siRNA, ncRNA, rRNA. Use with dry ice to snap freeze samples or primers for long term storage


Partno: BCS-570


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