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CleanTag Small RNA Library Prep Kit

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CleanTag™ Library Preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing

TriLink’s CleanTag™ technology solves one of the most pervasive problems in library preparation for next-generation sequencing (NGS), adapter dimer formation. Currently, many workflows involve a laborious gel purification step to rid the samples of the adapter dimer. TriLink applied its nucleic acid expertise to develop CleanTag™ modified adapters to block adapter dimer formation.

This new technology:

  • Increases mappable sequencing reads even with ultra
  • low RNA inputs
  • Tags efficiently in samples with low miRNA abundance
  • Suited for diagnostic samples with limited RNA
  • Eliminates the need for gel purification
  • Enables full automation
  • Compatible with Illumina and Ion Torrent platform.

CleanTag™ Technology

Adapter dimers form when the 5΄ and 3΄ adapters self-ligate without the target library insert. Consequently, amplification of this smaller adapter dimer side product often out-competes amplification of the tagged library. Our modified adapters block adapter-adapter ligation thus improving the adapter dimer to tagged library ratio. This leads to significantly higher quality sequencing data.

CleanTag™ Produces Superior Results with Samples Containing Low miRNA Abundance, such as Patient Blood and Plasma Samples

Human plasma samples contain a low abundance of small RNAs and have traditionally been difficult to sequence. In collaboration with Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology, we show that the CleanTag™ Ligation Kit for Small RNA Library Prep efficiently tags small RNA and produces significantly more valuable reads when compared to a previously published protocol optimized for adapter dimer reduction.

CleanTag™ Renders Small RNA-Seq Fully Automatable

The size of the adapter dimer and tagged library are similar in length, thus requiring a gel size selection step to enrich the libraries for the desired product. Because of this, a fully automated workflow was not possible. Now, with TriLink's CleanTag™ technology, there is no for need gel purification, thus allowing full automation of small RNA-seq for the first time.




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