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CelluLyser Lysis buffer

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Rapid and sensitive lysis of cells.

The optimized CelluLyser™ buffer provides an efficient cell lysis. The lysis buffer can be combined with our cDNA synthesis kit with minimal losses and hands-on time as a result.


The CelluLyser™ Lysis enables you to lyse small samples from 10 000 cells down to a single cell with minimal losses and hands-on time. The CelluLyser™ buffer can be used with collected cells (FACS sorted, patch clamp collected cells etc.), as well as cultured cells (both adherent and in solution), and has successfully been tested on a number of different mammalian cell lines.


The reagents provided are sufficient either for 250 lysis reactions and 100 cDNA synthesis
reactions of 1 - 2 000 cells, or for 100 lysis reactions and 40 cDNA synthesis reactions
of 2 000 - 10 000 cells.

CelluLyserTM buffer: 1.25 ml (1X)



Partno: H102-buffer


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