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Cell strainer

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pluriStrainer is available in 15 mesh sizes from 1-500 µm.

Its unique design features improved ventilation to avoid clogging. The pluriSelect cell strainer - pluriStrainer is a sterile sieving device to obtain real single cell suspensions or to remove cell aggregates.

Furthermore it can be combined with a Connector Ring (41-50000-03) to use low pressure which supports the filtration. pluriStrainer® are stackable to allow direct filtration with different mesh sizes. pluriStrainer® can be inverted to recover the sieved material. For large sample volumes it can be combined with a funnel. It fits into any 50 mL centrifuge (conical) tube.



Partno: 41-50000-03
Partno: 43-50001-03
Partno: 43-50005-03
Partno: 43-50010-03
Partno: 43-50015-03
Partno: 43-50020-03


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