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Accel-NGS® 1S Plus DNA Library Kit

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NGS Libraries from Difficult to Process Samples

The Accel-NGS 1S Plus DNA Library Kit for Illumina enables users to make libraries from degraded and damaged DNA because innovative Swift technology makes library molecules from single-stranded DNA.

This technology provides the benefits of:

  • Libraries from ssDNA and dsDNA in a single sampleHigh complexity libraries
  • Fast, 2 hour protocol, start-to-finish
  • Capturing DNA fragments ≥ 40 bp

Accel-NGS 1S Plus DNA Library Kit is the best choice for users needing to sequence difficult to process samples which cannot be sequenced by other methods. Expand your research by processing damaged and degraded samples.

DNA Sequencing of Novel Sample Types

Accel-NGS 1S Plus technology is based on unique molecular biology techniques and reagents which combine to produce library molecules from previously unattainable samples. The technology allows for damaged, degraded, and ancient DNA to be easily processed into library molecules for sequencing. Whether a sample is old, has been improperly handled, or requires harsh DNA extraction conditions, the Accel-NGS 1S Plus DNA Library Kit can deliver it in proper form to an Illumina sequencer.

Supported DNA Sequencing Applications and Sample Types

  • Single-stranded DNA
  • Heat-denatured pathogenic samples
  • Targeted sequencing
  • Microbial sequencing
  • Ancient DNA
  • Metagenome
  • ChIP-Seq
  • FFPE




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