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MagSi-NA Pathogens

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Total nucleic acid extraction for pathogen detection

The MagSi-NA Pathogens kit allows cost-effective extraction of DNA and RNA from a variety of sample materials like serum, plasma, oropharyngeal swab / nasopharyngeal swab, or any other respiratory samples. Purified total nucleic acids can be used for qPCR based or any other enzymatic pathogen detection method. The ready-to-use reagents and simple protocol are convenient in use and easy to automate. The included MagSi-PA VII magnetic beads are optimized for fast separation even from viscous sample lysates.

General Features
• Short protocols, complete processing at room temperature possible
• Consistently high yield of total nucleic acids
• Very strong magnetic beads enable fast magnetic separation even from viscous sample lysates
• Suitable for many enzymatic down-stream applications including qPCR, qRT-PCR isothermal
• Preparation time for 96 samples: <30 min

• Suitable for various sample materials
• Suitable for small, medium and high-throughput automation
• Small elution volumes

Easy to Automate
• Minimal accessory requirements
• KingFisherTM / Biosprint 96 protocols available
• Consumables for KingFisherTM / Biosprint available
• Compatible with liquid handling robots (e.g. Hamilton®, TECAN®)
• Magnetic separators for microtubes and microplates available

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Partno: MDKT00210096
Partno: MDKT00210960


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