Mag-Bind® Ultra-Pure Plamid DNA 96


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Mag-Bind® Ultra-Pure Plamid DNA 96

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The Mag-Bind® family of products is an innovative system that radically simplifies extraction and purification of nucleic acids from a variety of sources. Key to the system is Omega Bio-tek’s proprietary Mag-Bind® Particle that avidly, but reversibly, binds DNA or RNA under certain optimal conditions allowing proteins and other contaminants to be removed. Nucleic acids are easily eluted with deionized water or low salt buffer.

The Mag-Bind® Ultra Pure Plasmid DNA 96 Kit combines the power of Mag-Bind® technology with the innovative ETR technology (Endo-toxin removal) to deliver high-quality endotoxin-free plasmid DNA in high throughput format. Yields vary according to plasmid copy number, E.coli strain, and conditions of growth, 1 mL of overnight culture in LB medium typically produces 10-15 ?g for high-copy plasmid. The purified plasmid can be used directly for automated fluorescent DNA sequencing, such as with BigDye® sequencing chemistry, transfection as well as for other standard molecular biology techniques including restriction enzyme digestion.