SIRV-Set 1 (Iso Mix E0, E1, E2)


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SIRV-Set 1 (Iso Mix E0, E1, E2)

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SIRV-Set 1: Isoform Mixes E0, E1 and E2
The isoform module is available in SIRV-Set 1 (Cat. No. 025) in 3 SIRV mixes, termed E0, E1 and E2, with each mix containing all 69 SIRV isoform transcripts (from 7 SIRV genes) but in different concentration ratios. E0 is ideal for assessing the detection capabilities of a given RNA-Seq workflow, since all 69 transcripts are present in equimolar concentrations, and their detection should be unbiased and not a function of read depth or similar. E1 already contains a moderate concentration distribution of transcript variants of a given gene, and E2 represents the natural situation, whereby a dominant, abundant transcript variant is transcribed from a gene together with (up to 17) other variants present at lower expression levels (down to <1%).