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  • GenEx, the popular software for the processing and analysis of real-time qPCR data, provides a multitude of functionalities for the qPCR community. Its capabilities ranges from basic data pre-processing and management to advanced cutting-edge data analysis. GenEx provides methods to select and validate reference genes, classify samples, group genes, monitor time dependent processes, and much more.
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  • All GenEx versions can be purchased with the installation file and license saved on a USB device. This enables the use of GenEx for one user on unlimited number of computers with just one license.
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  • Beacon Designer™ automates the design of real time primers and probes.
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  • AlleleID® aligns sequences using ClustalW and analyzes conserved and species specific regions. You can then use the program for real time PCR primer design (SYBR® Green primer design included) and dual labeled probe design (TaqMan® probes, TaqMan® MGB probes and molecular beacons).
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