SomaGenics, Inc. is a privately held company with offices and laboratories located in Santa Cruz, California. We specialize in developing novel RNA-centered approaches to address unmet life science research and medical needs. Our core competencies include RNA molecules as therapeutic agents, drug targets and biomarkers as well as RNA analysis tools. SomaGenics has a proven track record of original research and publication as well as applied development and commercialization.

Founded in 1997 as a technology spin out from SRI International, SomaGenics, Inc. has raised over $25 million in federal grant funding from agencies such as NIH, NSF, NASA and DARPA and maintains an impressive intellectual property portfolio covering our nucleic acid-based technologies for life science research, therapeutics and diagnostics.

SomaGenics, Inc. has enjoyed fruitful collaborations with a number of top academic institutions as well as industry, including Stanford University, MIT, Princeton University, City of Hope, Harvard Medical School, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz and companies such as Roche, Tekmira and Rubicon Genomics (now part of Takara Bio USA).

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