BioCision is a life science research and development company that standardizes processes from lab to patient. Our award-winning products enable researchers, clinicians and manufacturers to protect temperature-sensitive therapeutics, biological samples and biomaterials. By addressing temperature stability, BioCision strives to improve the success of therapeutic discovery and enable effective care delivery.

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  • Biocision
    For ice-free PCR/qPCR preparation.  Holds one 96-well PCR plate, strip-wells ...
    Art. no. BCS-570
    € 1275.00
  • Biocision
    Ice-free cooling for up to 24 microfuge tubes (1.5 mL or 2.0 mL)
    Art. no. BCS-576
    € 1196.00
  • Biocision
    4L rectangular EVA-foam ice pan
    € 186.00
  • Biocision
    CoolCell LX controlled-rate alcohol-free cell freezing container. Cell freezi...
    € 276.00
  • Biocision
    Standardize your cryogenic sample storage Patented hinged lid ensures mark...
    € 55.00