Ampliqon is a Danish manufacturer of PCR enzymes and laboratory reagents. They produce a wide range of standard and customised products.

The product range of Ampliqon is widely used in hospitals, universities, research institutions and life-science industries all over the world.

The Ampliqon PCR enzyme collection covers all standard DNA amplification set-ups in use in modern laboratories. Their specialised knowledge of both enzyme purification and DNA amplification provides their customers with reliable and high quality products.

The comprehensive Ampliqon reagent product line comprises several thousand custom-made reagents targeted to meet the individual needs of  customers. 

Ampliqon products are always freshly produced and delivered immediately after production ensuring maximum shelf life.

Ampliqon was founded in 2002 in Copenhagen by some of Denmark´s most skilled PCR specialists. Back then Ampliqon was the first Danish PCR enzyme manufacturer and they still maintain this unique position in Denmark. In 2009 they took over Bie & Berntsen - a well-established and market leading Danish production line of more than 1000 customised laboratory reagents.